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Spokane, WA June 7-8, 2005
State DOT Tribal Liaison Roundtable and Panel Discussion

Diagram 2 Text Description

Figure 2: This is a diagram of the regional/state transportation planning and programming process in California. At the left a box is shown, not connected to any other boxes, labeled California Transportation Plan and marked as being the responsibility of Caltrans. The rest of the diagram shows a number of boxes with text, all connected with lines and arrows.

One box is labeled "Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Plans." Lines show that these types of plans consist of and are fed by six other kinds of plans: Tribal Transportation Plans, Air Quality Regional Plans, Rail/Transit Short- and Long-Range Plans, the Congestion Management Agency Program, Local Land Use and Circulation Plans, and Aviation System Plans. An arrow shows that Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Plans in turn feed into the Regional Transportation Improvement Program, abbreviated RTIP and marked as being the responsibility of the RTPA. Another arrow shows that this program feeds into the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), handled by the CTC. A box labeled "Interregional Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP)," marked as being the responsibility of Caltrans, is also shown as feeding into the STIP. Boxes and arrows show that the ITIP in turn is built off of the Caltrans Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan, which consists of Route Concept Reports, the Transportation System Development Plan, and the District System Management Plan.

Another box, labeled "10 Year State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) Plan", is shown feeding into the SHOPP, which is marked as the responsibility of Caltrans. Arrows show that the SHOPP is turn feeds into the Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP), marked as being handled by the MPO, and also into the FSTIP (marked as being the responsibility of Caltrans). Another arrow connects the STIP into the FSTIP as well.

Finally, a box labeled "Federal and Locally Funded Highway and Transit Projects" is shown feeding into both the FTIP and the FSTIP.

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