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User's Guide

Model Documentation

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Getting Started

Three states have calibrated and tested EERPAT models, which are available for download below: Maryland, Vermont, and Washington. Any of these existing models can be used to help understand the organization of the EERPAT model, data requirements, and the level of technical complexity.

If you wish to build a new state model, you can download a non-calibrated version of EERPAT Version 3.0, accessed below. This version comes with default data inputs for several input files. For other input files, you will need to collect state-specific data. The EERPAT Version 3.0 User’s Guide provides guidance on the data inputs necessary for fully calibrating a new state model.

Download the Model

To download the EERPAT model or one of the state applications, simply click on the button below and save to your local computer.

EERPAT Version 4.0 | Coming Soon

Have questions on how to get started? Contact Diane Turchetta (202-493-0158) or John Davies (202-366-6039).

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