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The table below provides information on upcoming events, activities, and webinars related to transportation planning. Click on a column header to sort by event date, organization, event name, or location.

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May 30, 2018  TRB  TRB Webinar: Resiliency in Practice: Strategies for Knowledge, Information, and Data  - This webinar will address several components related to the implementation of resiliency strategies for transportation organizations. Presenters will discuss the strategic identification; collection sharing/repurposing; coordination; updating knowledge, information, and data needed for policy; and costs, risks, performance, and other forms of analysis that support resiliency efforts. They will illustrate the types of evidence needed to build business cases and render decisions in the public sector, describe the current state of the practice, and discuss practical examples that utilized these practices.  
For more information contact Reggie Gillum
May 22, 2018  TRB  TRB Webinar: Organizational Change for Performance and Asset Management  - This webinar will discuss how state departments of transportation and metropolitan planning organizations may integrate performance and asset management into their decision-making processes. These organizations are considering changes to how they do business after the Federal Highway Administration finalized rules for performance and asset management in response to the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) and the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. The presenters will discuss how to manage the changes and provide examples of what has worked and what has not for agencies that have undertaken the process. 
For more information contact Reggie Gillum
May 15, 2018  TRB  TRB Webinar: Who’s Riding TNCs and What Does It Mean for Public Agencies?  - This webinar will present research that explores how transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft are affecting the use of public transit and personal automobiles in several regions by drawing on several sources, including one of the first uses of TNC trip origin-destination data. The webinar will outline key findings and insights from this research about how, when, and where TNCs are most frequently used, and the relationship between this use, public transit usage, and driving commutes. The presenters will also provide a range of recommendations that may assist public transit agencies and other public entities attempting to engage with TNC services in large, midsized, and smaller urban areas. 
For more information contact Reggie Gillum (
Apr 25, 2018  FHWA   TMIP Webinar: How to Forecast Uncertainty in Travel Forecasts  - TMIP Webinar: How to Forecast Uncertainty in Travel Forecasts - Wednesday, April 25, 2018 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm Eastern ________________________________________ Please join us for our next webinar: How to Forecast Uncertainty in Travel Forecasts. This webinar is likely to fill up, so please share a connection whenever possible. We are limited to 100 participants in the web room. A copy of the slides will be linked to in the email sent the day of the presentation so that those who cannot get into the web room can follow along on the teleconference line. Session Description As with most other types of forecasts, estimates of travel demand inherently include some level of uncertainty. Before-and-after studies have shown that the level of uncertainty ranges from modest to extreme, and many projects might not have been built or might have been designed differently had this uncertainty been understood. This webinar will describe a variety of approaches that have been used to estimate the levels of uncertainty in travel demand forecasts and determine the major factors contributing to those uncertainties. Applications to highway, airport and transit demand forecasts will be covered, along with applications involving travel demand forecasts generated by both traditional and activity-based travel demand models.  Webinar   
Apr 25, 2018  FTA  FTA Webinar: TAM Refresher II  - The upcoming webinar will provide an update on the development of TAM standards and recommended practices as well as APTA’s Transit Performance Management Subcommittee activities and priorities. The session also will review the deliverables and highlight the technical assistance resources available to assist in implementation ahead of the October 2018 TAM Plan deadline. TAM Refresher II, featuring a segment on APTA Standards subcommittee activities from SEPTA’s Laura Zale, repeats FTA’s February 22, 2018 webinar and does not include any new content.  Webinar   
Jun 12 - 13, 2018  National Highway Institute  NHI Course: Highway Program Funding  - This instructor-led training provides an overview of the Federal-aid Highway Program, focusing on various aspects of highway program funding unique to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Topics include: the operation of the Highway Trust Fund and its significance to the funding level of the Federal-aid Highway Program; the content and policy implications of authorizing and appropriating legislation; the FHWA apportionment process; discussion of obligation limitation, allocations, deductions, earmarking, and transferability; and the effect of policy and budget considerations on the use of Federal-aid funds. The course has been updated to complement the new Federal-aid authorization bill. 
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