Legislation, Regulations, and Guidance on Rural and Small Community Planning Level

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The Transportation Planning Process: Key Issues: A Briefing Notebook for Transportation Decision-Makers Officials and Staff
This book provides government officials, transportation decisionmakers, planning board members, and transportation service providers with an overview of transportation planning. It contains a basic understanding of key concepts in statewide and metropolitan transportation planning, along with references for additional information. This book was updated in 2015 to reflect recent changes in Federal legislation.
A Guide To Federal-Aid Programs And Projects
This guide provides basic information about the Federal-Aid programs, projects, and other program characteristics. Much of the information provided in this guide was included in the FHWA's 1999 edition of the same publication. This publication updates information from the past document and includes information resulting from the latest multi-year Federal-Aid authorizing legislative act, the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU, Public Law 109-59).
Federal-aid Highway Program Policy & Guidance Center
The PGC provides a central location of laws, policies, and guidance about the Federal-aid Highway Program (FAHP), including legal documents, links to relevant legislation, memos, directives, and guidance to support the Federal Highway Administration's mission and goals
FHWA's State Practices Used to Report Local Area Travel
A FHWA report that provides survey information on promising and innovative State practices used to estimate local area travel in rural, small urban, and urbanized areas. The report may be useful to MPO and state planners.
How to Engage Low-Literacy and Limited-English-Proficiency Populations in Transportation Decision-making
An FHWA report that documents best practices in identifying and engaging low-literacy and limited-English-proficiency populations in transportation decisionmaking. The booklet also provides outreach techniques for these populations.
Rural Transportation Consultation Process (May 2000)
The National Academy for Public Administration, under contract to FHWA, studied the effectiveness of state consultations with local officials that occur during transportation planning and programs. This report discusses the history of relations between state and local officials and presents information on practices commonly used by the states during their consultations. The report also describes principles of effective consultation that could be used to help formulate and evaluate state practices.
Surface Transportation Policy Partnership Report and Guidebook: Using the Federal Transportation Law to Meet the Mobility Needs of your Community
One of two reports on Federal transportation law released by the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership (STPP) in 2006. The Workshop Report describes key findings from the STPP Partners workshop series, which were held in seven locations from January - June 2006.
Transportation Planning and Asset Management
As transportation planners and metropolitan planning organizations evaluate current system conditions and alternate future scenarios to make informed decisions on allocating resources, they must balance funding realities with mobility needs; public expectations; and community, legislative, and environmental considerations. Transportation asset management provides a valuable tool to maximize system performance, improve customer satisfaction, and minimize life-cycle costs. (August 2006)
FTA Office of Planning site for Planning Statutes and Regulations
FTA Office of Planning website with detailed information on the federal laws, regulations, and guidance pertaining to transportation planning.
SAFETEA-LU: Interim Guidance for Implementing SAFETEA-LU Provisions Planning, Environment, and Air Quality for FHWA Authorities
FHWA interim guidance is intended for the use of FHWA and FTA field offices in working with their State/local planning partners and grantees in implementing SAFETEA-LU.
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